Every brand has a story.

Today’s lesson: Every brand has a story.

Telling yours in the right way allows you to shape the relationship you have with your target audiences, existing customers, employees and everyone else who engages with your brand.

Without storytelling, you’re simply left with sales pitches. You’re essentially shoving a product or service in someone’s face and leaving them with a yes/no decision to make. Craft a compelling story though, and you’re creating a narrative that people can believe and align themselves with the core values of your brand. It’s this narrative that builds brand familiarity or loyalty.

So brand storytelling matters.The consistent telling of your company’s brand story is what will differentiate you from the rest. Keep this in mind the next time that you create your ebook or blog posts.

How to take video testimonials to the next level

We all know that videos made by clients are great marketing assets. The only problem is that most of them are quite generic, not really outlining the uniqueness of the business. At the same time, it would be unethical (and weird) to ask your clients "Hey, could you please make me a video testimonial saying exactly this and that?"It might sound like an insoluble problem, but did you know there are ways to get outstanding and controllable testimonials, without dictating to your clients what to say? You can, for example, interview your best clients. Check out these 10 simple steps (and real-world examples) to get authentic and powerful case study videos from your clients.

Feeling dizzy with your competitor-based keyword research?

The Internet is full of tutorials teaching "how to find your competitors' keywords".

What most of them don't answer very clearly are questions like:

  • "Which competitors to choose?"

  • "How to define their best keywords to prioritize?"

These points are very important to be clarified, otherwise, there's a high risk of, for example, wasting time analyzing a competitor who’s targeting an audience totally different from yours.

Here's Rand Fishkin's approach to competitive KW research, in detail. I'm sure you're gonna love it.

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The ultimate guide to getting started as a freelance writer (even if you've got no portfolio)

If you ever talked with content writers who tried to work as freelancers, you’ve probably heard stories very different between each other. Lots of people see freelancing job boards as content mills, and several of them really are, but there are ways to find worthy gigs if you look for them in the right - and not always obvious - places. And what if you’re just starting out and have no portfolio of previous work? As far as you have writing skills and can prove it, you’re gonna be fine. Learn all you need to know to start out as a freelance writer here.

Introducing crowdfunding link building (and how to do it right)

Did you know there are lots of fundraising projects that offer a link to your site in exchange for a small donation? All you need to do is finding the right projects to donate for.

Here you can see Matthew Woodward's detailed tutorial on that and learn the process he used to get a link from a DR64 domain, relevant to his niche, for only $25.

[CASE STUDY] The best Facebook ads published by DigitalMarketer.com in 2019 (plus the lessons learned with them)

One thing I really like doing when it comes to paid advertising is “learning from the pros”, then when I spend money and time with my own tests, I already have a hint of what might work if properly executed. For example, when running ads to cold traffic, what works better: promoting a lead magnet opt-in or an article (or what else)? And what about people who attend a webinar but don't go further in the funnel? How to efficiently retarget them? And what to do with eCommerce cart abandoners? You can find the answers to the above advertising dilemmas, among others, in this didactic article published by DigitalMarketer, where they not only show their top 7 ads of 2019, but also explain the reason they worked so well in comparison to others.

<Content Tool> Email marketing is not dead. It still works and this is the tool that does it well. *

Doing email marketing right comes down to the right tools, valuable content, campaign planning and execution. If you’re a SMB marketer, finding a tool that does everything without killing your small budget is very difficult. With Convertkit, not only do you get a simple to learn and easy to use tool, it has all of the features you need without all the clutter of unnecessary add-ons.

Even better, as you scale your website, you’ll be able to integrate with the Convert Kit integrates with most market leading tools and many others. Integration is always important so that each tool you use can leverage the value that each creates. If you are new to creating email courses or drip campaigns, Convert Kit is the tool for you.

It’s not just a piece of software, rather it is an email marketing tool that teaches you as you build out your courses and campaigns.

If you’re an online entrepreneur that is starting out a blog or an audience, and send regular emails, this is the tool for you.

If you’re interested in that, you can checkout ConvertKit. It might save you a massive headache.

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